Enhancing Use of Basic MS Excel : 2nd batch

Enhancing Use of Basic MS Excel : 2nd batch
About the Program : The beauty of Excel lies in its ability to simplify various tasks like filling out the ledger sheets, calculating and recalculating totals, applying formulae and get desired results. However, the true power lies much beyond this. This Workshop will provide you an opportunity to get overview of various features of MS Excel which could be applied in your day-to-day work.

Due to overwhelming response, organizing 2nd Batch

The demonstration will be based on MS Office 2010 version.  Participants are requested to bring their own laptop for better understanding and practical experience. Power connection will be provided.  The participants may also bring with them live data pertaining to their organization for study & demonstration purpose and to work out better solutions.  The participants are expected to possess basic awareness of MS Excel.  The contents of the workshop are available at the bottom.



Mr. Akshay Magre :  Akshay is a professional trainer for Microsoft Office Suite with a robust experience in Project & Database Management.   His expertise lies in MS Access, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Visio, VBA, Dashboard, PowerPoint, Word, Power BI Lync, Skype for Business, FastStone, etc.  His major clients have been big giants like Volkswagen, Roll’s Royce, MTU, JCB, Deloitte & BNP Paribas. Akshay has completed his Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Pune University and Diploma in Banking & Finance from NIIT.  He is a visiting faculty for Advance Excel 2013 at a B-School in Pune and Mumbai. 


Fees per participant



Basic Fee

GST @ 18%


The fee includes course material, food & beverages.

For MCCIA members

Rs. 2,500/-

Rs. 450/-

Rs. 2,950/-

For others

Rs. 3,000/-

Rs. 540/-

Rs. 3,540/-


Group Discount on basic amount @ 5% will be applicable for 4 or more participants from the same organization and @ 10% for 11 or more participants from the same organization.


Seats are limited.  Admission will be on First-Cum-First-Serve basis.


Registration Procedure

Please send your nominations by email to Ms. Sandhya Acharya on sandhyaa@mcciapune.com with details like name(s) of the participant(s), name and contact details of your organization as well as the participants.   Upon confirmation from our side please send payment online or by a cheque drawn in favour of “Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture”, payable at Pune.





1. Excel Basics

  • The Excel Screen
  • Moving About the Workbook
  • Simple Data Entry
  • Selecting Ranges
  • Saving Workbook Formats


2. Copying & Filling

  • Using Fill for Quick Copying
  • Copying Cell(s) to One/Many Cells & Worksheets


    3. Editing Data

  • Formulae that Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide
  • BODMAS/Formula Error Checking
  • The Sum Function




    14. Working with Basic Functions

  • Summing Non-Contiguous Ranges
  • Count/ Average/Maximum/Minimum Functions


    15. Statistical Functions

  • Using the AVERAGE / COUNT / LARGER / SMALLER Functions
  • Sumif / Sumifs / Countif / Countifs / Averageif / Averageifs


    16. Text Functions Using

  • The Mid/ Search/ Left/ Right Functions
  • Using The Trim/ Clean/ Upper/ Lower/Proper Functions
  • Using The Substitute/ Text Functions
  • Using The Trim/ Clean/ Proper/ Dollar Function
  • Using Concatenate/Replace/Find
  • Overwriting/Editing Cell Contents
  • Editing Formulae/Functions
  • Using Undo/Redo
  • Search & Replace


    4. Adjusting a Worksheet

  • Inserting/Deleting Cells
  • Inserting/Deleting/Resizing Rows/Columns


    5. Working With Worksheets

  • Copying/Moving/Renaming Worksheet(s)
  • Inserting/Deleting/Grouping Worksheets
  • Hiding & Unhiding Worksheets


    6. Formatting in Excel

  • Formatting Numbers/Dates/Currency
  • Formatting for Effect Bolding/ Italics/ Underling
  • Cell/Background Colours
  • Cell Alignment


    7. Viewing Worksheets

  • Hiding/Unhiding Columns/Rows
  • Freezing Panes/Splitting Windows


    8. Paste Special

    • Paste Special to Copy Formulae/Formats/Validations
    • Paste Special to Add/Multiple & Transpose


      9. Fill Series

  • Filling a Series with formatting/without formatting
  • Filling a weekdays
  • Fill data using stop value


    10. Absolute Referencing

  • Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing
  • Creating Absolute/Mixed References


    11. Define Names & Labels

  • What is a Range Name?
  • Using the Name Manager
  • Creating and defining Range Names
  • Deleting Range Names
  • Using Range Names for navigation
  • Using Range Names in formulas


    12. Using Auditing Tools

  • Displaying/Removing Dependent & Precedent Arrows
  • Evaluate Formula - Step IN/ Step Out


    13. Formulae                                                        


17.  Data Validation

  • Data Validation Example
  • Create Data Validation Rule
  • Input Message
  • Error Alert
  • Data Validation Result
  • Drop-down list
  • Dependent Drop-down Lists

7/18/2018 10:00 AM - 7/18/2018 6:00 PM
Bajaj Conference hall,
MCCIA Trade Tower, ‘A’ Wing, 5th Floor,
ICC Complex, Senapati Bapat Road
MCCIA, S. B .Road Office, Pune 411016 India

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