Library rules for Circulation service

•  The issue counter is open throughout the day except lunch break 1.30 to 2.00 p.m.

•  Absolute silence shall be observed inside and in the vicinity of the library.

•  Reference books and latest magazines will not be issued outside the Library

•  Any marking or writing inside the books by the members is strictly prohibited.

•  A member shall be responsible for any damage done by him / her to the book or other property of the library.

•  A fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged after the due date due to late submission of /book/magazine.

•  Undue delay in the return of books will result in the cancellation of membership.

•  Loss of books, if any, shall be reported to the librarian immediately and it shall be replaced by another good copy of the latest  

    edition immediately.

•  In case the borrower is unable to replace the lost books, twice the cost of books plus overdue charges, if any will be levied.

   The terminals in the library are to be used only for reference and access to e books. Use of this facility for recreation or 

     entertainment should be avoided. Use of chat engines / messengers is not permitted. Only one user is permitted at a terminal and

     no bystanders will be allowed.

•  Books will be issued subject to availability.

•  If the book due date falls on a holiday for the library, the next working day will be taken as the due date.

•  Loss of Library card should be reported to library immediately. Duplicate card will be issued for Rs. 50/-


MCCIA membership


Registration charges

Yearly Charges to be paid in advance including service tax.











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