Mediation Centre

1) About Us

Who We Are?

The MCCIA Mediation Centre is an informal, confidential conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party helps two or more participants better understand their issues, interests and needs, and empowers them to bridge their difference through a voluntary agreement.

Our Mission

“To provide to the members confidential, informal, impartial & bespoke Alternate Dispute Resolution Forum to address and resolve Commercial Disputes.”

Advantages of Mediation

Affordability Mediation is cost-effective as an alternative to bringing a dispute to court. In most cases, business owners can settle important issues in just a few sessions or less, saving them untold amounts of time and money.
Direct Participant Involvement The mediation process is entirely voluntary, and no agreement can be valid unless all participants agree. Although the mediator facilitates the sessions, the participants are the ones that ultimately decide how the issues are resolved.
Confidentiality Mediation sessions are private and confidential, and everything that is discussed stays between the participants and the mediator. This allows participants to speak more freely.
Flexible Scheduling With mediation, you do not have to worry about any court schedule. Sessions can be scheduled at whatever time is most convenient for participants.
Speed Since mediations are dependent on the talks between the parties, they conclude whenever parties decide to end talks. Unlike court cases that go on for years together, disputes that are mediated resolve quickly, saving immense amount of time and energy for everyone involved.

Our Mission

“To provide to the members confidential, informal, impartial & bespoke Alternate Dispute Resolution Forum to address and resolve Commercial Disputes.”

2) Mediate with MCCIA

How Will It Help MCCIA Members?

  1. We @ MCCIA Mediation Centre provide a platform where parties draft their own settlement for a win-win solution. Through a process of assisted negotiations, parties can mutually reach feasible solutions, without ever having to go through the hassle of courts.
  2. Mediation is cost effective, quick and set at the pace of the parties which will allow the members room to comfortably resolve their disputes.
  3. It improves ease of doing business, and preserves goodwill and relationships.
  4. The professional, flexible & value driven facilities offered by MCCIA will ensure parties derive optimum solutions.

3) Mediation Process

Mediation is initiated by a request from a member to The Mediation Centre @MCCIA. To initiate a request, members can use the ‘Submit a Case’ Portal found on this website.Once a request is received, MCCIA will assess if the case is appropriate for mediation. If it is deemed appropriate, a Mediator will be assigned the case, who will coordinate with the participants and ensure all rules of MCCIA Mediation Centre are complied with before the mediation begins. MCCIA will only track the Mediation process. It shall not participate directly or indirectly in the Mediation Process, nor shall influence the Mediation Agreement.

4) Rules

All mediations conducted by MCCIA Mediation Centre will be governed by the Mediation and Conciliation Centre Rules, 2021. These rules have been curated to cater every member who applies to MCCIA to avail its mediation services and have been carefully drafted to conform to international standards. They can be found here

5) Annexures

Apart from the rules, parties will require the following:
1. An Agreement to Mediate
2. Settlement Agreement
3. Model Clauses
The formats of the above have been provided here

6) Fee Schedules

The fee for mediations submitted to MCCIA is based on the commercial value of the dispute. Such fees and administrative charges may be subject to change depending on the case. The full schedule can be found here here

7) Submit a Case

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