Mr. Chetankumar Sangole

Sustainability Desk


Sustainability Desk

Resonating Sustainability Actions for Future
Planet, People, Prosperity and Organization/s
MCCIAs Sustainability Desk is experienced in sustainability actions and report development. We prepare ‘Sustainability Reports’ as per relevant global ‘reporting frameworks’ like
  • GRI Standards
  • Integrated reporting
  • CDP
We help large and small enterprises in
  • Understanding the benefits of various sustainability actions and reporting that includes
    Bottom line improvement – triple impact along planet, people and profit
    Access to MNC clients – diversifying to align with emerging trends
    Business continuity – proactive and responsive actions
    Unlock inherent risks – ahead of time
    Explore new opportunities
    Stakeholders connect – value creation
    Long term business value – future of business
  • Building capacities of cross functional teams
  • Participating in various international awards relevant to respective enterprise
  • Imparting know-how based on international learning, experience and case studies.
  • The world is changing rapidly and so are the market trends.
Why sustainability?
The world is changing rapidly and so are the market trends
  • Organizations are witnessing changes like transformative dynamics of the market, several regulations globally, nationally and locally
  • Rapidly changing global economy and uncertainties making impact on the stakeholders in the entire supply-value chain like clients, bankers, investors, employees, suppliers, contractors, regulators, governments etc. and all are facing several challenges and going through a crucial phase
  • High pressure on increasing revenues and bottom line of the organizations
  • Rising demand on resources due to urbanization, population and weather conditions, largely creating stress on the planet, people, prosperity
  • Therefore, it is important to assess the existing and emerging business risks/challenges and opportunities to improve business operations in sustainable way.
What is value proposition?
Value proposition of sustainability reporting for any organization
  • Sustainability report captures the performance about how well organization is doing with respect to economic growth (profit), environmental performance (planet) and social inclusion (people), which is called ‘triple bottom line performance’
  • Setting sustainability targets and indicators for next few years and preparing roadmaps to achieve those targets
  • ‘Materiality analysis’, which helps to identify and prioritise new opportunities as well as inherent risks for making organization more sustainable day-by-day
  • The outcome is the ‘Sustainability Report’, for disclosure of relevant information to the stakeholders, who further add value for the ‘future of organization’.