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Innovation and Technology Transfer Cell, MCCIA

Supported by Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, Govt of Maharashtra

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  • I.P. Facilitation centre

The Hon. Prime Minister of India, recently launched the STARTUP initiative and the mission to enhance the number of startups and Entrepreneurship. A major emphasis is being placed on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Startups. The entire initiative has a definite orientation to Technology, Innovation and New Product Development. Technology transfer is a process of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, and methods of manufacturing to ensure that the scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can develop and exploit the available technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services. There are number of well known institutions like the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) earlier known as UDCT, Mumbai, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune and such others. These institutes have not been utilized commercially to the extent desired. Proactive efforts are needed in identifying suitable technologies, packaging for delivery and identifying the end users such as MSMEs, potential start ups, entrepreneurs who in turn will use this technology commercially for innovative products and this will further foster Entrepreneurship.

With this objective in mind, and also to efficiently support the Hon. Prime Minister's initiative, MCCIA is setting up the first of its kind Innovation and Technology Transfer Cell in Pune supported by the Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission to identify technology/processes that are ripe for commercial exploitation and make it available to the end user. Along with this we are establishing the Innovation promotion and IP facilitation cell also.

This cell will get engaged in the preparation and making available Detailed Project Reports (DPR). This will also benefit MSMEs, Startups by undertaking projects to generate additional revenue.


  • Efficient transfer of Technology
  • Encouraging and developing Entrepreneurship
  • Encouraging R&D and Innovation
  • Catalyzing Growth of SMEs through Technology Transfer

Activities of the Cell:

  • Identification of technology developed by Government Laboratories/Institutions/Universities
  • Assessment of technology viability, sustainability through expert panel
  • Packaging the same for Commercial Utilization
  • Identify entrepreneurs and end-users interested in taking up projects on the basis of DPRs prepared by the Cell.
  • Preparation of DPR & other documents
  • Identification of financial institutions to support the project
  • Compilation of information on various relevant schemes of the Central and State Governments in various sectors.
  • Establish linkage with research establishments involved in research and development of technologies.

Projects under the Cell:

  • Solar drying
  • Vacuum packaging for Fish
  • Emulsion Products
  • Value added products
  • Processing Technology for Turmeric, Onion, Garlic and Ginger
  • Cold Storage Facility
  • Custard Apple De-Seeder and Solar Cooker
  • Hatchery Technology
  • Just Sip

A Technical Committee comprising of Scientists, Technologists and Experts is constituted to monitor the activities of the ITT Cell.

Committee Composition:

  • Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission
  • Mr. Pramod Chaudhari, President MCCIA, (co-chair), Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Limited
  • Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman & Managing Director, Magarpatta Township Development& Construction. Co. Ltd.
  • Mr. Prataprao Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Papers Ltd.
  • Dr. D.K. Jain, Additional Chief Secretary (Agri & Marketing), Government of Maharashtra
  • Mr. Arun Firodia, Chairman, Kinetic Engineering Ltd
  • Mr. Mukesh Malhotra, Managing Director, Weikfield Products Corporation LLP
  • Mr. Pradeep Bhargava, Director, Persistent Systems
  • Mr. Ajay Mehta, Managing Director, Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
  • Mr. M.A. Tejani, Managing Director, Gits Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr. Arun Sapre (RGSTC), Member Secretary, Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Dr. Pramod Kale, Member ( RGSTC), Department of Electronic Science and Integrated Circuit and Information Technology (ICIT)Pvt. Ltd. , University of Pune
  • Dr. Smita Lele , Registrar and Professor of Biochemical Engineering, Food Engineering& Tech.Dept. Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Dr. U.S. Saha, General Manager, NABARD
  • Mr. Ravi Tyagi, General Manager, SIDBI
  • Mr. Shekher Kulkarni, Manik Engineers
  • Dr. Narayan Hegde , Convener – Project Design Team, Trustee and Principal Adviser, BAIF Development Research foundation
  • Dr. Ram Takwale, Member, RGSTC
  • Dr. V.V. Karnik, Sygnet Consultants
  • Mr. Girish Sohani, President, BAIF

Convener: Mr. Prashant Girbane, Director General, MCCIA

Technologies available with MCCIA –


Cell coordinator:
Mr. Sudhanwa Kopardekar