Lean Manufacturing Clusters

The Ministry of MSME, Government of India, has launched the ‘Lean Manufacturing Cluster’ Scheme for the benefit of the SMEs in India. This scheme has helped the participating companies in enhancing productivity, cost reduction, reduction in inventory carrying cost, better financial management, reduction in internal and customer rejections, adherence to the delivery schedule, better inventory management, effective production planning, TPM, systematic shop floor arrangements, and many more such areas.. 

MCCIA has extended the benefits to 130 SMEs by forming 14 mini-clusters under this scheme. Through this activity, MCCIA has supported OEMs like Godrej, Piaggio, KOEL, and Cummins by forming clusters for their vendors. 

Fees Structure:

The ministry bears 80% of the fees paid to the Lean Consultants and the participating units are required to contribute just 20% of the fees. The financial assistance is disbursed in a phased manner only after ensuring that the lean activities are successfully implemented in all participating companies as per the action plan decided in the first phase of the cluster.

Successful Clusters:

In all MCCIA has promoted 13 Custer schemes under the Ministry of MSME benefiting 124 companies;

Cluster Beneficiary Companies
Auto Component Cluster 10
White Goods Cluster 10
Machining and Press Cluster 10
Light Engineering Cluster 10
MCCIA Auto Component Pune Cluster 10
MCCIA Light Engineering Cluster 10
MCCIA General Engineering Cluster 10
MCCIA Machining Cluster 10
MCCIA Amaze Lean Cluster 10
MCCIA KOEL Lean Cluster-1 8
MCCIA KOEL Lean Cluster-2 7
MCCIA KOEL Lean Cluster-3 9
MCCIA Amaze Lean Cluster-2 10

6 Clusters for Advanced Lean Implementation:

The clusters for the implementation of Advanced Lean Tools and Techniques have been formed without any support from the Ministry of MSME.  The participating units bear the entire expenses.  MCCIA provides total administrative support to these clusters.  The committee has facilitated formation of 6 such clusters.