Chair Person

CA Chandrashekhar V. Chitale

Officer Incharge

Mr. Chandrashekhar Shah

About the Committee:

The Taxation Committee is one of the most important committee of the MCCIA. The main function of the Committee is to examine the Direct Tax and Goods and Service Tax related laws, rules, regulations, circulars, notifications etc., which may be enacted or issued by the Government from time to time and to send suitable memoranda containing suggestions for improvements in the respective legislation. The Committee actively facilitates the process of formulation of budget by offering pre-budget and post-budget suggestions/comments to simplify tax laws and their administration for the purpose of making it more responsive to tax payers.

Another important function of the Committee is to enhance the awareness/ knowledge of the members of the MCCIA relating to Direct Tax and GST and the potential opportunities offered by this area by organising workshops, certificate courses, seminars, E- Session and interactive programme independently as also with trade and industry.

Following activities are carried on by the committee:

  • To improve Direct Tax and GST literacy of all stakeholders in Pune and other cities / towns of Maharashtra
  • To create and build profile for MCCIA as a one stop resource for Direct Tax and GST concerns of industry and trade especially MSME in Maharashtra
  • To act as a bridge between Government and Trade/ Industry to smoother out any issues/ concerns emerging from industry so that Government look at MCCIA as a sounding board at local level and in case of Auto/ IT/real estate/ capital goods at National level
  • To publish important Direct Tax and GST articles in SAMPADA magazine and circular or notification in World of Business (WOB) of MCCIA
  • To examine Direct Tax and GST related rules, regulations, notifications, circulars etc. enacted/ issued and conduct Pre-Budget and Post Budget Workshops and make representations to Central and State Governments
  • To assist, advise and interact with Government of India & State Governments, Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) & other authority and /or its committees/ groups formed in policy matters and those relating to functioning and administration of taxes
  • To enhance the awareness / knowledge of Direct Tax and GST prevalent in Maharashtra and the potential opportunities by organising workshops, certificate courses, seminars and interactive Programmes independently as also with trade and industry