G .S. Parkhe Award

Awarded For : Innovation in Entrepreneurship

Instituted in the memory of G. S. Parkhe

Mr. Baburaoji Parkhe of the Parkhe Group instituted the award in the memory of his younger brother who was an innovator and entrepreneur.

This award is for innovative product/ process/design/service or import substitute items.

It is the oldest industrial award in the country.

The Award was initiated to encourage innovation and new product development.

Over 72 years of legacy that the award carries; it brings fame and recognition to the awardees.

Presented since 1947 to select deserving entrepreneurs.

Hallmark of Recognition of innovations and acceptance in the market.

Stringent selection process.

More than 400 Entrepreneurs recognized so far.

Nature of the Award : Trophy and a Certificate


Comopany Name Name Email Contact Number Product
Yelsons India Private Limited Mr. Pranav Yelgaonkar Pranavyel@gmail.com 9069067071 Radiotracer Applications
AFECO HEATING SYSTEMS Mr. Prakash Maladkar maladkar@afecoheating.com 9922864999 Al-Thermos
TechEra Engineering India Private Limited Mr. Nimesh Desai nimeshdesai@techera.co.in 9850500441 Aerospace and Defence Tooling for TEJAS Aircraft
SASPACK VENTURES PVT LTD Mr. Anand Bhandari anand@saspack.in 9922112616
Fine Handling and Automation Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Nilesh Karandikar nilesh.karandikar@fine-handling.com 9822307731 Accel-Loader and Innovative Truck / container loading and unloading conveyor
Certificate of Appreciation for the Innovative Product and Services 1. U4U Sociotech Private Limited Mr. Mustafa Karampurwala makarampurwala@u4u.co.in 7758991552 Traffic Violation Reporting System
Certificate of Appreciation for the Innovative Product and Services 2. Citoto Digital Personality Private Limited Mr. James Solomon jamessolomonraj@gmail.com 9921981359 40Gbps Wireless communication

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