Foreign Trade

Chair Person

Mr. P. C. Nambiar, Director – Group EXIM, Serum Institute of India

Officer Incharge

Mr. Sudhanwa Kopardekar


The Committee has been set up to help the members, in particular, and exporters and importers in general, in promoting their international business. The committee provides advisory services to the memebrs, organises training programs and awareness sessions about various aspects of international trade, meetings with officials of diplomatic / trade missions in India and business delegations from abroad and one to one business meetings with representatives of foreign companies. and disseminates business enquiries and relevant information. The Committee organises interactive sessions with relevant Government officials concerned with foreign trade regulations to bring out the issues faced by exporters and importers.

It aims to raise the profile of Pune’s International Business through a variety of initiatives and events such as Pune International Business Summit with the objective of projecting Pune as an attractive destination for investments, a major global source for quality products and services and a premier marketing centre on the world map.

Mission Statement:

  • To facilitate growth of International Business of the Members in particular and business community in general, from Pune region.
  • To provide advisory services to the existing and potential exporters / importers.
  • To promote international contacts and pursue international alliances through interaction with Diplomatic and Trade Commissions of other countries and other relevant organizations working in this field.
  • To represent the problems faced by exporters and their suggestions to government authorities.
  • To promote Pune as an attractive destination for investments, a major global source for quality products and services and a premier marketing centre on the world map.

Broad Activities:

  • Advisory Services to existing and potential exporters and importers.
  • Training Programs/Workshops/Seminars on the Regulations, Business Promotion, and Awareness Sessions etc
  • Representations to Central/State/Local Government as may be necessary about changes in Law, Procedures, Policies relating to exports and imports
  • Efforts for infrastructure improvements critical for enhancing the competitiveness of the exporters and importers
  • Organising Joint Events with Foreign Diplomatic/Trade Missions of Other countries, colleague organisations in India and abroad
  • One to One Business Meetings amongst delegates from abroad and representatives of exporters and importers from Pune region
  • Issue of Non Preferential Certificate of Origin (Service given to Exporters who have executed an Indemnity Bond in our favour)
  • Issue of Visa Recommendation Letters (only to members)
  • Dissemination of information about business enquiries from abroad to our members and others as may be necessary
  • Promoting participation of members in events in India and abroad in specific events in a selective manner
  • Occasionally organising visits of MCCIA members to other countries to sensitize them about new opportunities, latest technologies, factory visits etc.